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Welcome to Madame Trinkett's
Number 1
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Like Father, Like Son

Welcome to Madame Trinkett's is the first episode of Ginger Orphan Playhouse.


Ginger orphan Cooper meets a mysterious shut-in who changes his life for the better!


Cooper goes door-to-door selling boxes of candy to fund his orphanage. He goes to the house of an old woman named Madame Trinkett. Madame Trinkett acts very bizarre and takes a liking to Cooper's hair. Upon hearing that Cooper is an orphan, she asks what happened to his parents. Cooper says that he has no memory of his parents and so Madame Trinkett tells him that his parents are in her basement and shows him to a steel bolted door in the back of her living room. Cooper finds this difficult to believe but after Madame Trinkett continues trying to convince him, he eventually starts to think that it's a really good idea. Madame Trinkett tells Cooper to set down his box of candy by her grandfather clock. Cooper walks into the basement, where it's too dark to see anything. Madame Trinkett turns on the lights, revealing that the basement is wall to wall birdcages, containing tons of parrots. Cooper explains to Madame Trinkett that there must have been a communication error because he said "parents" and not "parrots". Madame Trinkett doesn't respond and slams the door on him, trapping him inside. Cooper turns around to see a few other gingers, trapped in the basement, along with a full-grown adult, known as none other than The Salesman. The Salesman happily welcomes Cooper to parrot-dise. Cooper takes the time to look around the basement and notices feathers and parrot shit all over the place. Although Cooper doesn't like the place, he still says that it's comparatively better than the orphanage.


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