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Waiting for it Way Too Long is a song sung by the gingers in "The Trial of Cooper".


Slut #1: Deliberations, we've had to endure.
Non-sequiturs and a dragging of feet.
Slut #2: You think you can just sit there in silence,
Well, justice is owed to these hollering beaks.
Jury: They've been waiting for it way too long,
To see a non-guilty verdict go to some lonely ginger bo~oy.
You're tough enough to kill them on our dime,
But you swung the vacuum, so now you must do the ti~ime.
Madame Trinkett: Kids, I hate to interrupt these proceedings,
But I have some incredible news.
My husband's been found and his heart is still beating.
Come parrot friends, for a sweet rendezvous.