Tunnel Vision
Number 4
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Living Life Underground
Lost Love

Tunnel Vision is the fourth episode of Ginger Orphan Playhouse.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The prisoners' attempt to escape by digging through the door comes to no avail before Cooper proposed the idea of digging through the floor. Meanwhile, happily married couple, Hank and Carol are looking to adopt.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Hank and Carole sit in their happy home at Kingsley Heights Apartments and look through the orphan catalog, for someone to adopt. After brushing aside Orphan #6172 for liking food, they notice Cooper and very quickly find him interesting enough to adopt. They both get all excited to adopt him and name him "Little Mitts", only to find out that he's missing. Angered, they throw the book out the window. Meanwhile, back in the basement, The Salesman proposes the orphans' weekly escape attempt, much to the delight of Cooper. However, their escape plan is just them pawing at the door, assuming that it'll open. Cooper suggests that a better idea would be to dig out of the room through the floor, rather than the door. Cooper starts digging through the floor and makes a breakthrough. The Salesman addresses him as "Scooper", which Cooper doesn't like. Cooper tells The Salesman that he doesn't like being called "Scooper" and The Salesman tells him that he doesn't like being interrupted in a scary, threatening manner, which straightens Cooper up. The Salesman tells Cooper to get back to digging and Cooper digs straight through the ground like a little mole, creating a huge tunnel to an underground room. It's too dark to see anything so he lights one of his feathers on fire, revealing that he's in a room that looks very similar to the basement, only it's clearly been abandoned for years and all of the parrots are skeletons, which frightens Cooper. Cooper explains what he sees through the tunnel and The Salesman claims that Cooper has discovered the original basement. Cooper asks what the original basement it, not realizing he cut The Salesman off. The Salesman dives down into the original basement and screams a demon screech at Cooper, reminding him again not to interrupt him, while his eyes glow a demonic red glare. Cooper screams in terror for a long time in response to this. As explained by The Salesman, a long time ago, the basement used to be much bigger and these depths used to house Sir Trinkett's crows. Sadly, Sir Trinkett's crows and Madame Trinkett's parrots didn't get along and they got into a big battle, which the crows lost. After this, Madame Trinkett was forced to cover up the lower half of the basement with a cement-like substance. The cement starts to cave in and an avalance is clearly approaching. The Salesman asks Cooper to think of a way to get them out of there. Meanwhile upstairs, Madame Trinkett comes by the door to serve dinner to the orphans, only to find that they're all missing.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Major Roles[edit | edit source]

Minor Roles[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Cooper's orphanage number is 4872, as seen in the catalog.
  • Orphan Book.png
    The orphanage catalog list Cooper's attributes as: "Small Hands", "Red Hair", "Scared", and "Mumbly" and his interests as "Unknown".
  • The Salesman hates being interrupted, as he will horrifically scream at people for cutting him off mid-sentence.
  • Hank and Carole give Cooper the nickname "Little Mitts". Coincidentally, around this time, The Salesman tells Cooper that he has "Tiny Mitts", when he digs a tunnel through the floor.
  • It's revealed that beneath the basement, there is a second basement just like it, known as the original basement. The original basement is the former lower half of the regular basement, which housed Sir Trinkett's crows, while he lived in the house. However, Sir Trinkett's crows and Madame Trinkett's parrots didn't get along and they fought a battle to the death, lost by the crows. After the crows died, Madame Trinkett covered up the bottom of the basement with cement, leaving only the top half with the crows accessible to the public.
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