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The Roots of Coincidence
Number 8
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Saltrot's Shanty

The Roots of Coincidence is the eighth episode of Ginger Orphan Playhouse.


In a flashback to 23 years ago, we see The Salesman when he first gets kidnapped by Madame Trinkett.


23 years ago, a young Madame Trinkett takes a shower, when she hears the lovely and reassuring voice of her husband at the door. Overjoyed, Madame Trinkett runs through the house and flings off her towel to expose her naked body as she opens the front door to greet her long awaited lover, only to find a flock of parrots with a grandfather clock. The messenger parrot quote's Sit Trinkett's final words, revealing his death to Madame Trinkett. Madame Trinkett screams out a big "NOOOOOO!" as we pan over to The Salesman, selling vacuums door to door a few houses down. Profits go great for The Salesman and while he celebrates, he swings his vacuum around in circles and accidentally kills a random lady with it. The Salesman simply vacuums up her blood and moves on. He goes to The Trinkett House, where he sees the now grieving Madame Trinkett, sitting at her piano in her dark living room with the many parrots covering her body. The Salesman gets sexually aroused by Madame Trinkett and assuming he's in for a treat, locks the door behind him. Madame Trinkett details the story of Sir Trinkett, saying that he was a lovely sailor man who carved a dinghy out of a chokeberry stump. The Salesman offers Madame Trinkett a ride on his own "dingy" and then gives her a ride on his vacuum. Madame Trinkett remains unsatisfied the entire time, while she somehow manages to have flashbacks of Sir Trinkett drowning, accompanied by the shanty, "Madame, Oh Madame".


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  • This episode takes place 23 years ago.
  • Cooper does not appear in this episode, unless you count his appearance via stock footage in the recap of the previous episodes.
  • It's revealed that Madame Trinkett's favorite bird is actually the crow. The only reason she keeps parrots around is because that's what Sir Trinkett's favorite bird was.