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Madame Oh, Madame is a song sung by Saltrot Joe in the episode "Saltrot's Shanty".


Saltrot: Her husband was a sailing man,
Alas a lover first,
And low his landlocked lady,
She, alone, could quench his thirst.
He scoured every ocean's nook to pay her for his leave.
The trinkets for his travels were the gifts she would receive.

Parrots: Madame, oh Madame.
We understand your woe.
Your husband drowned.
His booty floundered,
Down to Davy Jones.

Saltrot: His parrots and his crew,
Were merry as they sailed,
And in his worldly treasure hunt,
For Madame, he prevailed,
But poor young Madame, longed to see,
Not trifles gold or stone,
But the rarest treasure of them all,
A sailor safe at home.

Parrots: Madame, oh Madame.
We understand your grief.
Your husband plunged.
His soul expunged,
Deep down within the reef.

Saltrot: His ship did strail aplenty,
Under moon and cargo full.
The weight did cause a crack to form,
And water filled the hull.
"Good sir!", cried out the first mate.
"Inform the Spanish fleet!"
"Our burdens are too heavy and they've pulled us to the deep!"

Sir Trinkett: Those burdens that you speak of,
They represent my pride,
And curse them! They have kept me,
From lovely Madame's side.

Saltrot: A message, did he whisper,
In nearest parrot's ear.
Sir Trinkett (Speaking): Don't miss me, Madame.
Saltrot: Gently spoken,
Fighting back the tears.
His farewell and grandfather clock,
Were lifted in the air,
While down, he drowned,
A-loning for his lass with ginger hair.

Cooper (Speaking): Seriously, get me the FUCK. OUT. OF. HERE!

Parrots: Madame oh, Madame.
Upon this full moon's night,
He sails no more,
His story soars up,
Parrot-like in flight!