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Lost Love
Number 5
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Tunnel Vision
It's a Ginger Christmas, Cooper Orphan!

Lost Love is the fifth episode of Ginger Orphan Playhouse.


Thinking her ginger kids are gone forever, Madame Trinkett goes back to the orphanage to buy herself a new batch.


After a brief recap of the previous episode, Madame Trinkett decided that in the absence of the orphans, she should go out and buy new ones. Madame Trinkett looks at her picture of Sir Trinkett and continues to mourn his loss, as the sound of his voice plays, saying "Don't miss me Madame. Time may have claimed the battle but our hearts are the cavalry and so, 'tis love that wins the war." The voice actually came from a parrot by her piano, who was mimicking his voice. Madame Trinkett says to her parrot that she loved it when he mimics his voice and then takes him in her car with her to go for a drive to get new orphans. While driving, she spots an unattended ginger orphan, going door to door, selling candies and after giving him a quiet staredown, takes him in her car with her. Later, she stops and sees another orphan, who's wearing a hat. Madame Trinkett waits for the kid to take his hat off and when he does, it reveals that he's a raven. Uninterested, Madame Trinkett drives off and leaves the kid in the dust. Madame Trinkett gets to Carlos T. Nice Orphanage, where she instructs the kid to wait in the car, while she buys some more orphans. The kid tries to sneak out but the parrot looks at him and quotes Sir Trinkett again, scaring the kid into staying put. Inside Carlos T. Nice Orphanage, The Orphanage Director is having a meeting with Hank and Carole, who demand Cooper from them. The Orphanage Director sadly informs them that Cooper is missing but Hank and Carole refuse to give up and put up a fuss. Just then, Madame Trinkett comes in. The Orphanage Director's face lights up to see her, as he recognizes her as his favorite and most prominent customer. The Orphanage Director leaves Hank and Carole behind, but Hank and Carole are upset with The Orphanage Director not giving them the missing orphan and he tells them that if they want him so bad, they're gunna have to search for him, themselves. The Orphanage Director talks to Madame Trinkett about adopting and shows her their stock. The Orphanage Director sets off an alarm, which calls all of the orphans to the viewing belt for presentation. The first orphan he shows her is a brunette named Jenny, which is giddy to be adopted. However, Madame Trinkett is not impressed and she rejects her. The next orphan on the line is a ginger named Vanessa, who obviously couldn't care less about whether she's adopted or not. Due to her hair pigmentation, Madame Trinkett adopts her in a heartbeat. Outside, Hank and Carol inspect the ginger orphan in Madame Trinkett's unattended car and eventually find that he is not, in fact, Cooper. The two suddenly start making out with tongue as Madame Trinkett pulls up with a dolly full of newly adopted ginger orphans, which she takes home with her. As soon as she gets home, opens the basement door only to notice that all of the ginger orphans have emerged from the orginal basement. When Cooper comes out, he sees Vanessa and instantly falls in love. Before any of the orphans can escape, Madame Trinkett decides that since the original orphans never escaped, she doesn't need her new orphans and then slams the door on the old orphans, imprisoning them once again, while setting her newly bought orphans free to do whatever.


Major Roles[]

Minor Roles[]


  • Cooper has a minor role in this episode, only appearing at the very end.
  • Madame Trinkett is one of the most valued and respected customers of Carlos T. Nice Orphanage, as she is known for bringing tons of money to their orphanage, buying a bunch of orphans.
  • Madame Trinkett is biased toward only kidnapping ginger orphans, being prejudiced against blondes, brunettes, and ravens.
  • Cooper falls in love with Vanessa.