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Living Life Underground
Number 3
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Like Father, Like Son
Tunnel Vision

Living Life Underground is the third episode of Ginger Orphan Playhouse.


Cooper is reported missing, back at the orphanage. Meanwhile, Cooper awakens in the basement and starts to finally get fed up with being trapped underground.


At Carlos T. Nice Orphanage, the Orphanage Director explains to the kids that if they go door-to-door and sell three boxes of candy, they will earn a blanket. One of the orphans points out that Cooper is missing and the Orphanage Director seems to be underwhelmingly apathetic. His first instinct is to look around the walls of the orphanage, thinking that Cooper is hiding in there. To nobody's surprise, Cooper is completely absent and the Orphanage Director reports him missing. Meanwhile, in Madame Trinkett's basement, Cooper wakens from his state of unconsciousness and gets really mad about the fact that he's now going to be trapped in some a torturesome prison for who knows how long. The Salesman tries to lift his spirits by singing him a song.


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