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It's a Ginger Christmas, Cooper Orphan!
Number 6
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It's a Ginger Christmas, Cooper Orphan! is the sixth episode of Ginger Orphan Playhouse.


With Cooper having been trapped for almost a year now, he and the gingers celebrate Christmas in the basement.


It's Christmas time and despite being trapped in a windowless basement with no knowledge of the outside world, The Salesman is somehow able to know what time of year it is, claiming to be able to estimate the passage of time, based on his emotional states. Cooper doubts that this is even Christmas, saying that it seems like any other day. The Salesman tries to make things feel more like Christmas by singing his own little rendition of the song, The 12 Days of Christmas, wherein most of the things he mentions are parrots, aside from the last thing being "A ginger orphan named Coopy", which Cooper doesn't like being called.


Major Roles[]

Minor Roles[]


  • This is the Christmas special of Ginger Orphan Playhouse.
  • The Salesman is able to estimate the passage of time, based on his emotional states.
  • Madame Trinkett does not appear in this episode. Although, she is mentioned in the song and does make a cameo playing the piano, in the episode's outro.
  • Despite having her home mostly decorated for Christmas, Madame Trinkett also has a menorah sitting on her piano, implying that either she or Sir Trinkett are either wholly or party Jewish and celebrate Hannukah.