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Ginger Orphan Playhouse is an animated web series on Mondo Media. It was first released on December 3rd, 2014.


A ginger orphan named Cooper meets an elderly shut-in named Madame Trinkett, who invites him into her home. Cooper is then trapped inside her basement where he discovers that the mad elder has also imprisoned several other orphans such as a kid with the same name, a jerky basement bully, and a pair of indistinguishable twin boys, as well as a questionably insane vacuum salesman, all of them also being ginger. As Cooper learns to adjust his life to the "playhouse", Cooper learns quite a lot about the history of Madame Trinkett, The Salesman, and even himself, all while trying to somehow escape the basement.


  • Cooper - A red-haired orphan boy who is timid, quiet, and shy. His easy-going behavior is tested when he gets kidnapped and locked in a basement for the rest of his life.
  • Madame Trinkett - A crazy old lady, who commits the oddly specific crime of locking ginger-haired orphans in her basement, out of depression for the loss of her husband.
  • The Salesman - A happy-go-lucky vacuum salesman who has served as the leader of the "ginger clan" after getting locked in the basement by Madame Trinkett.
  • Bully - A red-haired orphan who bullies other gingers in the basement.
  • Clinton and Clayton - Twin gingers or "twingers", who do everything in synch.
  • Couper - A ginger prisoner who shares the same name as the main character, just with a different spelling.
  • Vanessa - The mild-mannered, yet sharp-witted love interest of Cooper and newest prisoner in the basement.
  • King Parrot - A giant parrot in the basement, who rules over all the other parrots and is worshipped as somewhat of a deity among the ginger orphans.
  • Orphanage Director - The corporate and mildly abusive director of Cooper's former orphanage. He is on good terms with Madame Trinkett, as she is his most profitable customer.
  • Hank and Carole - A joyful and jovial married couple, looking to adopt. They have their hearts set on Cooper but unfortunately for them, their desired son is missing from the orphanage.
  • Officer Socks - A substandard police officer, trying to solve the case of the mysterious ginger orphan kidnapper.


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