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Copuer is a prisoner in Madame Trinkett's basement. He is a dull and dim-witted boy, who shares the same name as Cooper, in phonics only, as their names are still spelled differently.


In "Welcome to Madame Trinkett's", In "Welcome to Madame Trinkett's", Couper, along with the rest of the ginger orphans, made his first appearance, when Cooper first ended up in Madame Trinkett's basement.

In "Like Father, Like Son", The Salesman properly introduced Couper to Cooper but realized there would be some confusion with them having the same names. However, Couper explained that he spelled his name with a "U" and the newly introduced Cooper said that he spelled his name with two "O"s so that it would be easier to tell them apart.

In "Living Life Underground", Couper, along with the rest of the ginger orphans, serenaded Cooper with a song. During the song, Couper played the drums. At the end of the song, Couper had the big finish, where he sang out "Ground" in a weird off-key manner.

In "Tunnel Vision", Couper tried to escape the basement by clawing at the wall.


  • He has the same voice actor as Cooper. This being Aaron Chrenen.