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Clinton is a ginger orphan prisoner in Madame Trinkett's basement. He is the twin brother of Clayton.


In "Welcome to Madame Trinkett's", Clinton, along with the rest of the ginger orphans, made his first appearance, when Cooper first ended up in Madame Trinkett's basement.

In "Like Father, Like Son", The Salesman properly introduced Clinton as well as his twin brother Clayton to Cooper, as "the twins" of the basement.

In "Living Life Underground", Clinton gave Cooper a blue feather to clean the blood off his face but The Salesman told him to instead use a red one as the blood would blend in better. Later, Clinton and Clayton serenaded Cooper with a song. During this song, Clinton and Clayton both played as DJs with little record players.

In "Lil' Mitts Come Home", Clinton vacuumed up Clayton's blood after he was murdered in the previous episode. The Salesman mistakenly addressed the late Clayton and "Clinton" and the real Clinton had to correct him saying that he was still alive and it was his brother, Clayton who he had just killed.