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Bully is one of the ginger orphans, imprisoned in Madame Trinkett's basement. He is known as the "basement bully" and he bullies the other orphans there, namely Cooper.


In "Welcome to Madame Trinkett's", Cooper first met Bully, along with the other ginger orphans in Madame Trinkett's basement.

In "Like Father, Like Son", The Salesman introduced Bully to Cooper. As he did, Bully furiously exhaled through his nostrils. When Cooper was hesitant to climb up into the rafters and steal an egg from The King Parrot, Bully called his bluff, saying that he was too chicken to do it.

In "Living Life Underground", Bully, along with the rest of the ginger orphans serenaded Cooper with a song. During the song, Bully played the flute.

In "Tunnel Vision", Bully, along with the rest of the ginger orphans went down to the original basement and eventually escaped in "Lost Love".

In "It's a Ginger Christmas, Cooper Orphan!", Bully sat in the basement on Christmas.

In "Circle", Bully joined the suicide circle and chanted as Clayton was murdered and sacrificed to The King Parrot.

In "The Trial of Cooper", Bully locked Cooper up in shackles and dragged him to the podium for his trial against the people.


  • Bully plays the flute.
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